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Seaside out now

This album steps it up a gear with the addition of many instruments with a lot of shade and colour to take you on a journey. I hope you enjoy the ride.

Second acoustic album by Steve Crowther out now

Sour Flower is the second solo acoustic album to be released by Steve Crowther.

A personal note from Steve:

‘Thank you so much for all the people who have bought the CDs, streamed the music and downloaded the tracks. The last two albums were recorded from various locations across the globe and I would like to thank everyone for their hospitality. It was a great experience and I look forward to sharing my next album with you soon. I look forward to seeing my fans in California in September.’

Keep an eye on the tours section for details of shows across the UK and Europe.

New releases by SCB

After almost a year in the studio, new music is here!

You may have seen on our Facebook page that we released a new album, Plastic Shells, in November 2018. This is currently only available as a digital download, but the CDs will be available in April. Keep your eyes on our Facebook page and our shop for details.

We also released a single from that album, Trench, where all proceeds are going to the Poppy Appeal.

Our next album, Drop, is in the final stages of production and will be available on 7th April 2019. We will release a single from the album each month until the release date. Nepal is already available, but you can look forward to Splinters (7th January), Funky Bridge (7th February) and the title track Drop (7th March).

New releases from SCB in May

Steve Crowther Band have two new singles and a new album due to be released in the next three weeks!

Get ready for brand new music from Steve Crowther Band.

SCB10 – Minefield is the fourth album from the band. This album shows a definite progression for the band, with a more direct, hard hitting sound.

The album will be released on 28th May 2017 on CD, available exclusively at Amazon, and to stream or download at Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and all other good streaming sites.

But to get you in the mood before the album is released, there are two singles getting released over the coming weeks. The first single is Lock and Load, released 15th May 2017, and the second is The River, released 22nd May 2017. The singles are download/stream only.

Third album out NOW!

SCB9 – Available for Funerals, Wakes and Bedside Vigils on sale now

Limited edition CD only available at Amazon

The third album release from Steve Crowther Band, SCB9 – Available for Funerals, Wakes and Bedside Vigils is out now. SCB9, the follow up to SCB5 – Flight of the Crow, shows a darker side to the band with all brand new songs such as Stomp, Wake for Death, Reaching Hands and the epic Blackened of Sorry.

You can buy this now from our shop via Amazon.

scb9-cover          scb9-disc

Red Herring 2016 released

After 30 years, Steve Crowther Band have re-recorded a new version of their classic Red Herring.


The new release is a must have for any NWOBHM fan, and is only available on CD from Amazon. The CD contains three versions of the classic song, a previously unreleased radio edit, the full length version and a live unplugged version recorded in Cologne, Germany.

The release is limited to 1,000 copies, with the first 100 being exclusively signed by Steve and Geoff.

Order now to avoid disappointment.

Wait 30 years for one album……..

SCB5 Flight of the Crow to be released 18th February 2016!

After the recent announcement of the first full length album from SCB, there is a second album being released this month.

SCB5 contains brand new material from the band, including a new version of the song that got Steve out of retirement – Red Herring.

The album will be available on CD format from Amazon, and available to download from all the usual sites. Links will be posted here soon.

Keep your ears open for the title track of the album – Flight of the Crow. This will be avaialble on Spotify, Deezer and other streaming sites from 18th February 2016

First full length album release date confirmed!

SCB4 will be the first album to be released by the band

SCB4 – Chaös in Kölnisch Wasser will be released on 18th February 2016

It has been over thirty years in the making, but SCB are proud to announce the release of their first full length album. The album includes two exclusive unplugged songs performed by Steve Crowther, one of them is Red Herring first recorded in 1982!

The release will only be available on limited edition CD from Amazon.

Keep an eye on the shop for the link to be posted.

SCB4 cover