Metopolis full lineup and day splits announced

SCB to play on Sunday 13th March 2016

We can confirm that we will be playing before the headline act on the Sunday. You can still get early bird tickets for the weekend or the Sunday here for only £25 (plus booking fees) for the weekend or £15 (plus booking fees) for the day.

Metopolis Lineup

SCB proud to support the Sophie Lancaster Foundation

In August 2007 Sophie Lancaster and her partner Rob were attacked purely for the way they looked. Sadly this resulted in Sophie’s death three weeks later.

From the very beginning SCB have been supporting anti-bullying, with a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of SCB1 – Chaos in the Shoe Department being donated to anti-bullying charities.

Metopolis Goth and Metal Convention, to be held at next March at Brighton Racecourse, are donating 10% of overall ticket sales to this very worthwhile cause. For more information please visit the Metopolis website.